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About Timeshare Mortgage Relief

Timeshare Mortgage Relief, LLC is the original timeshare consumer advocacy group that has successfully effected the termination of timeshare and vacation ownership contracts nationally and around the world. With over 15 years of experience in the timeshare and vacation ownership business our devoted staff is best suited to extricate you from your timeshare contract.

Timeshare Resorts don't think you'll fight back.

The timeshare and vacation ownership industry generated $10.6 Billion in sales in 2007 alone. According to the American Resort Development Association, timeshares contributed $92 Billion to the US economy in 2005. This massive business operates in an atmosphere of minimal government regulation maintained by persistent lobbying efforts from the timeshare and vacation ownership industry.

Consumers of timeshare products who have fallen victim to deceptive trade practices have limited resources available to assist them through the extrication process. Often the substantial monetary loss to the consumer falls below an amount that would warrant an attorney. The American Bar Association has estimated that at least 38 million Americans go without legal assistance every year because of financial barriers to legal service.

Over 15 years of experience...

Our team is made up of some of the top experts in the timeshare and finance industries. Our experts include former timeshare development sales executives and employees.

We've helped timeshare owners settle their timeshare mortgage obligations for pennies on the dollar and free themselves from costly annual maintenance fees.

100% of our cases are handled by a licensed attorney.

Our legal team is headed by a well known consumer rights attorney with years of experience working with consumers defrauded by timeshare companies.

Totally safe and secure.


We have experienced counselors who help people like you every day to offer professional guidance and support to successfully fight resorts who have wronged timeshare consumers.

Our representatives are understanding and respectful of your situation and will talk with you on a human level.

Many of our counselors were in the same position as you not long ago and so they intimately understand what you are going through and can empathize with your situation.

We will provide timely, courteous customer service. If ever we're discourteous, or if customers' inquiries are not handled in a timely manner, we encourage customers to let us know. Customer comments will help us to better serve them.

Timeshare Mortgage Relief
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Timeshare Mortgage Relief

Eliminate timeshare mortage debt.

Get money back that you've already invested.

Legally break your timeshare contract.

Protect your consumer rights and fight back.

Every case handled by a licensed attorney.

Settle for as little as 10% of your debt.

Average clients cancel $26,591.00 in timeshare mortgage debt.

Average clients save $819.00 per year in maintenance fees.

About Timeshare Mortgage Relief

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Over 15 years of experience...

Our corporation is led by a legal team composed of the top lawyers in the timeshare fraud, real estate fraud, contract law, lender representation and has extensive experience in: drafting and negotiating acquisition/disposition agreements and all types of closing documents stemming there from; handling transactions involving all forms of real estate secured loans and other types of secured loans (including, inter alia, acquisition, development, construction, mezzanine and asset secured loans); conducting necessary due diligence (including survey review, title review, zoning verification, etc.); drafting and negotiating easement and real property license agreements; and many other matters related to real estate practice.

We have helped many happy timeshare owners to settle their costly timeshare mortgage debt for only pennies on the dollar and free themselves from the burdensome mortgage payments, maintenance fees, special assessments and taxes.

100% of our cases are handled by licensed attorneys.

Our powerhouse legal team is lead by the most highly respected attorney in the timeshare fraud defense field. Let the legal muscle of our motivated team fight your way to justice!

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