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How to Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

Step 1
To speak with an advocate, call 702-518-TIME or submit your information online using our FREE QUOTE submission form.

We understand and empathize with your troubles. We will do everything in our power to help you. As you will be asked some basic information about your timeshare, it would be helpful to have that information handy before you call or submit.

Step 2
Determine your course of action: Based on our initial conversation, Timeshare Mortgage Relief will help you determine the best course of action for your unique case. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will give you the assistance you need to begin the process of canceling your contract.

Step 3
Cancel your timeshare contract:
Our goal is to make this simple for you. There are several different means by which a contract can be terminated. Some are as follows:

A) If the terms of your contract were misrepresented to you at the time of sale, you may be able to cancel you contract regardless of your rescission period. Laws prohibiting unfair and deceptive trade practices in consumer transactions have been enacted in every state. They apply to almost all consumer transactions and are extremely flexible and very potent.

B) A contract can be canceled by a court because of fraud if one person knowingly made a material misrepresentation that the other person reasonably relied upon, and that disadvantaged the other person. A material misrepresentation is an important untruth.

C) The contract you made may be set aside on the grounds of fraud. Fraud requires an outright lie, or a substantial failure to state a material fact about an important part of the contract. Fraud will invalidate a contract.

D) A breach of contract - also called a default - is one party's failure, without a legally valid excuse, to live up to any of his or her responsibilities under a contract. A breach can occur by failure to perform as promised. Misrepresentation is a contract law concept. It means a false statement of fact made by one party to another party, which has the effect of inducing that party into the contract.

These are just a few of the most common scenarios but there are dozens more that you may not even be aware of. Our attorney will advise you as to whether you have a legitimate grievance or not.

Timeshare Mortgage Relief is committed to assisting consumers with legitimate grievances. Let us shoulder the complexities and help you through the process one step at a time.

Attorney Referral Service – We have identified and built solid relationships with top attorney’s that have much experience and success in timeshare fraud defense and can give you the necessary legal assistance you need to get completely out of your Timeshare Mortgage Contract as well as assisting and obtaining back all monies put into the timeshare purchase.

Corporate Counsel Services – We offer a highly comprehensive initial free legal review with highly experienced professionals whose backgrounds include corporate law, real estate and the finance industry. This approach is effective because all of these areas relate to the evaluation and defense of your claim. If our attorney advises that we can take your claim we have a one-time flat rate, with no hourly or monthly charges and no hidden fees that covers your entire extrication. Your total cost will include all legal representation and all necessary paperwork to complete the timeshare extrication procedure.

STOP! Don't make another payment on your timeshare until you contact us.

We can cancel your timeshare contract and even have money refunded to you.

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Timeshare Mortgage Relief

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Settle for as little as 10% of your debt.

Average clients cancel $26,591.00 in timeshare mortgage debt.

Average clients save $819.00 per year in maintenance fees.

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If you do not have a mortgage balance, we can offer you a "Guaranteed Transfer Program."

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Over 15 years of experience...

Our corporation is led by a legal team composed of the top lawyers in the timeshare fraud, real estate fraud, contract law, lender representation and has extensive experience in: drafting and negotiating acquisition/disposition agreements and all types of closing documents stemming there from; handling transactions involving all forms of real estate secured loans and other types of secured loans (including, inter alia, acquisition, development, construction, mezzanine and asset secured loans); conducting necessary due diligence (including survey review, title review, zoning verification, etc.); drafting and negotiating easement and real property license agreements; and many other matters related to real estate practice.

We have helped many happy timeshare owners to settle their costly timeshare mortgage debt for only pennies on the dollar and free themselves from the burdensome mortgage payments, maintenance fees, special assessments and taxes.

100% of our cases are handled by licensed attorneys.

Our powerhouse legal team is lead by the most highly respected attorney in the timeshare fraud defense field. Let the legal muscle of our motivated team fight your way to justice!

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